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Opaque, oven stable, white extruded sugar crunchies.
Preparation for pound cake, tea cakes, etc.
Preparation for French crepes.
Neutral concentrated glaze without flavor or color.
Opaque, oven stable, white extruded sugar crunchies.
Milk chocolate feather decoration.
Marbled chocolate feathers.
Dark and white striped chocolate square.
White and pink striped domino square.
Dark and white chocolate ruffled fan shaving.
Pink flower made of white chocolate.
Evenly striped dark and white chocolate tube with strai
Small milk and white chocolate curls.
Large curls of dark chocolate.
Small pink curls of white chocolate.
Small yellow curls of white chocolate.
Short orange spaghetti made from white chocolate.
Short white and dark chocolate spaghetti.
Dark chocolate liqueur cup.